StumbleUpon Link Up 1 – April 2014


Welcome to our very first StumbleUpon link up! I want to open this monthly from the 1st to the 30/31st of the month for all those looking for new people to follow and to increase their following. There are 2 link ups available. One for your profile and another for your posts that you want [...]

How to MOVE from Blogger to WordPress the EASY Way!

How to MOVE from Blogger to Wordpress the EASY Way!

I was provided a copy of this course for free to facilitate this review. I have always been curious as to how people move from blogger to wordpress and many of my blogging friends seem to be doing it. I was very fortunate to have my husband point me towards wordpress when I first started [...]

Stealing Content and Correct Linking for Crediting Someone

Stealing Content and Correct Linking for Crediting Someone

Unfortunately content stealing is something I come across very often in the blogging circles, especially so if you are a DIY, Foodie or Activity blogger. Do NOT steal content. It is NOT OK to copy someone else’s hard work. It is NOT OK to copy an entire post from someone else and use it on your blog either. But [...]

How to change from personal to a business account on Pinterest

How to change from personal to a business account on Pinterest

This one is rather quick if you know where to look! First go to to convert your account. Secondly you need to select which type of business you have i.e blogger. If it doesn’t send you directly to the setting page access it via the menu in the top right corner under settings. The analytics [...]

How to verify your blog on Pinterest

How to verify your blog on Pinterest

Verifying your pinterest site for your blog makes you look for professional as well as adds your url to your profile. As a blogger you will also want a business pinterest account to give you access to your pinterest stats pages. Check out how to change to a business account here. Lets get you verified! Step [...]

Change of Domain Name!


Hi there, YES you are in the right place! We have moved over to to have all our info under one name! I have some exciting things happening in the next few weeks so make sure you are on our newsletter list!

Google Plus Rolls out Custom URL for Profiles and Pages


Yesterday Google+ sent out emails to those that meet the requirements for a custom URL on their personal profiles as well as pages. Take a look under your about in the links section to see if you are already approved if you did not get the email. Google says you need to have the following [...]

Tools for Managing your Social Media


Big change happening here at the Blog Hangout in the next 2 months which will make you totally forgive me for my lack of posting on this blog I promise it is going to be AWESOME. Today I just wanted to do a quick list of the tools that I use to manage my social [...]

Google Plus Tips

Google Plus Tips

I’ve been using google plus for a while now and have learned so much from how it affects my rankings in google search to the importance of communication between bloggers in the general news feed and communities. This post has taken me a few weeks to write by having a draft open while I use Google [...]

Writing an Ebook – From Idea to Ebook

Why you should write an ebook. Idea to ebook

Have you ever thought of writing an ebook? As bloggers we write, and with writing our creativity flows. For some writing a “book” might sound like a daunting task, but starting at the start and taking it step by step is the key. Also having “a how to” course and guidelines is a real plus! [...]