I Love Pinterest! 5 Tips + Resources

This week my blog has seen a beautiful increase in traffic. Why? because of my fathers day round up post AND Pinterest! Today I would like to share a few Tips and Resources I have found most helpful the last few months.

5 Pinterest tips and resources

1.The right type of content and pictures.

If you are writing a post that you think is good for pinterest traffic, make sure you have good clear instructions (if you are making something) AND good pictures that are bright, “happy” and just well pinnable.

You should add an image to every blog post, check out Flickr if you need to, remember to give credit and make sure you are not “stealing” images. Taller is better, Just take a look at what draws your attention when you browse pinterest, the tiny pics you barely see or the bigger longer ones?

2. Make sure your blog is Pinterest ready.

Set up a handy “Pin” button near your image or in your share buttons, encouraging the visitor to pin. Having to look for a pin button will result in no pins! Checkout various plugins that add the hover pin on your images and be sure to add descriptive “alt” text on your images, this is what gets pinned.

This also goes for any images you pin from other blogs, make sure the description that you pin actually says what the pin is. Good for searches.

Visit the pinterest goodies section here.

3. Pimp your Pinterest

Make yourself a dedicated board for your blog and always pin your post there first then into other places. This is the “original pin” and what will get you some followers down the line.

Set your Pin board covers so that they show “engaging” images of the pins it may contain. Pinterest is very visual, a nice image is more likely to get you a follower.

4. Pinning Etiquette

Don’t just pin your own stuff! Spread the love and pin other things that are of interest to your niche. I write a lot about kids activities and crafts, so you will see most of my boards contain things related, such as play room ideas, recipes for the kids, outside ideas for the kids, see a trend here?

After you pin your post to your blog board, space out your pins in time intervals to the other boards and groups. You don’t want to flood your followers news feed and not all your followers are on at the same time either.

I suggest you create a spreadsheet or write it down somewhere where you have pinned stuff.

5. Group Boards

Group boards are a great idea, they get you more eyes on your posts and generally more followers if you are the original pinner. I use group boards a lot and love to contribute things that aren’t even my own to these lovely groups.

Group boards will have a little 3 person icon in the upper right corner. The creators of board that are open to accept contributors will have the details in the description of the board on how you can contact them to be added.

To find a board in your niche, go to the search box type in a keyword “DIY” or like me “kids activities” select the board view and have a look around. Sometimes a bit or scrolling is needed! Also when you follow new pinterest people check their boards for contributor groups.

Last thoughts

If your counter on your blog does not show how many pins you have you can get your pin count here.

Also try to join link parties that promote on pinterest, get them to do the work for you, and you can reach a different audience than you might already have access to. (Shameless promo – I host a pinterest post pin every tuesday)

Try to set a timer for the time you spend on pinterest too, a girl can get lost for HOURS in there!!

Recommended Resources to Read:

Although both these you have to purchase, they are by far the best $ I have spent. So much to learn, I am still implementing changes.

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  1. says

    Such a great post. I’m a Pinterest poker…I don’t post much and really, I just kinda poke at it. Thanks for the tips; I definitely need them.

    Happy SITS sharefest.

    Heather @ exaltedpeacock.com

  2. says

    I love Pinterest! Great tips and a few I need to work on a bit more. Looking forward to checking out your blogging board! Stopping by from Sits! :)

  3. says

    Thanks! However, I wouldn’t buy Lara Langston’s book- it’s quite vague & doesn’t really detail strategies for Pinterest. The best book I read was Pinteresting by Tabitha Philen – great strategies in a step by step method

  4. says

    Wonderful tips! Thank you. I also read on another blog post this morning that having the right colored text on your photos helps. Do you find that to be true? What about using the tagging feature (#DIY) or (#Kids). Do find that also helps? I always try to enter well thought out text with pins so people know what they are pinning and I try to make it searchable. Not sure how much it helps, though. Thanks so much for the post!

    • says

      I think the text makes the image catch your eye, I dont know about certain colors. I try to include the keywords in the description and add things like #kidsactivities if thats what it is.

  5. says

    Great round-up of Pinterest tips. I got on Pinterest before it was a big thing, then stepped away for a while.

    I recently started pinning (mostly recipes) as I go through my Feedly. I’ve only pinned a couple of my own blog posts, but I love pinning others’ stuff, as you mentioned, because it helps them out as I am building my own pin boards.

  6. says

    These are some wonderful tips! I am a lover of Pinterest and most of these things you mentioned, I already do! Great list! I’m a new follower and I also sent a request for the group board! Stopping in from Sharefest!

  7. says

    Great tips! I love Pinterest ~ it’s so much fun and it sends me lots of traffic, too.
    I found you at the Sits Girls; I’d love for you to stop by my blog and check it out, too.
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    DIY Showcase Link Party ~ tonight at 5pm Central

  8. says

    How does the Pinterest checker work? It doesn’t seem to find any pins on our site, although I know it has pins. I do know that Pinterest is notoriously bad for displaying all pins – one article I have on another site has over 100,000 pins and yet only about 100 will show up by searching the URL.

  9. says

    I never thought about using Pinterest to promote my blog.I’ve clipped this article to my Pinterest under my new board Blogging/Social Media Tips. Stopping by from #SITSsharefest

  10. says

    I am in the process of cleaning up and rearranging my boards for my blog, I couldn’t agree with you more. It is like window dressing. The more attractive the more traffic is going to come inside and look around.


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